Rocket Launch June 1

Our postponed rocket launch is on for tomorrow!  The forecast says it might be a little breezy but not too bad, and the possible rain is forecasted for the afternoon.  So, we’re good to go.  If it is raining tomorrow morning at 9am, the launch will be canceled, but I don’t see that happening.

This launch is our normal sport launch, along with our fun contest.which is Eggloft Drag Race this month.  If you are going to NARAM, feel free to test your rockets, as most of the events are really low power this year.  The only one I would hesitate to test is the C Dual Egglofter.  All rockets, of course, will be allowed at the discretion of the Safety Officer.

9:30am to noon
208 Spring Creek Drive, Liberty Hill, TX

See you there! 🙂