Launch on April 26th

Hello everyone! It has been a while, and we’ll be updating on a more frequent basis.

    Over the last year we have had great success in finding a new launch site and having regular build sessions.  Our new launch site is just off the 29 on the 1660, and is in a beautiful area.  We really appreciate the landowners for accommodating us and being so enthused about rockets!

Our next launch will be Saturday April 26th, from 1:30-4:00.  The site is off the 1660, turn onto Heritage Parkway and we will be directly on your left. This is a gated community, so please email or for the code.

We’ll see you there!


Launch next Saturday

Our launch is next Saturday, the 17th at 8:30-11:30 over in Liberty Hill! We will be doing a fun contest; Paratrooper Spot Landing.  Eject a trooper out, and try to parachute him closest to the spot.

We have a very generous person who is hosting the launch on their private property, so many thanks to them! We will set out a few signs to help direct people to the site, and also allow for proper parking.

Keep in mind this is an “A” motor field, although we may allow heavy rockets to use bigger motors.

The directions are on the Launch Sites tab, or use this link to go to Google Maps.

See you there!

Welcome to Boots & Chutes Club site!

Hello everyone! We are a new club of the National Association of Rocketry in the Georgetown, Texas area.  We are excited to be starting this club, as we have been looking to provide an NAR club for quite some time. Motivation came to us as we finished up this year’s NARAM; the 22 hour drive home spurred on many topics, and it became clear that we had the desire and compunction to follow through. We hope to provide a safe, Texas-friendly club that is a barrel of fun each time!

Each of our launches will feature a fun contest; things like Eggloft Drag Race, Paratrooper Spot Landing and others will get a feel of competition and excitement going that will keep you coming back for more!

Thank you for visiting our Club; we hope to see you there!

-Eric Johnson
Club President